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"There are two sides to every revolution."
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Mrs. America provides a sweeping view of the modern feminist movement, as it traces the two interconnected stories of the ratification efforts of the Equal Rights Amendment in the early 1970s: one story follows the feminists as they battle to ratify the ERA, while the other focuses on the unexpected backlash led by the conservative woman named Phyllis Schlafly. Based on a true story now retold through the eyes of the women of the era, the series unearths an illuminating and somewhat forgotten historical episode—a political battle over a woman's place that helped give rise to the Moral Majority and permanently alter the course of both American conservatism and the feminist movement.

Created by the former Mad Men writer Dahvi Waller with executive producers Cate Blanchett, Stacey Sher, Coco Francini, Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck, the sprawling, ambitious series spans a decade and stars Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schlafly, the right-wing activist and political organizer who led the charge to successfully defeat the E.R.A.

The nine-part miniseries debuted on April 15, 2020, exclusively on FX on Hulu with three episodes. The other episodes aired each subsequent week.

The anti-ERA camp
Phyllis Schlafly 2
Rosemary Thomson
Phyllis Schlafly Alice Macray Rosemary Thomson
Eleanor Schlafly
Fred Schlafly
Eleanor Schlafly Pamela More anti-ERA

The second-wave feminists
Gloria Steinem
Betty Friedan
Shirley Chisholm
Gloria Steinem Betty Friedan Shirley Chisholm
Bella Abzug
Jill Ruckelshaus
Brenda Feigen-Fasteau
Bella Abzug Jill Ruckelshaus More pro-ERA

E01 - Phyllis
Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan
E03 - Shirley
"Phyllis" "Gloria" "Shirley"
E04 - Betty
Still - episode 5 - Brenda and Marc
Still - episode 6 - Jill 3
"Betty" "Phyllis & Fred & Brenda & Marc" "Jill"
Still - episode 7 - Bella 2
Houston 108
Mrs America 109 Reagan
"Bella" "Houston" "Reagan"

The stakes of the battle
The people behind the characters
Real Phyllis Schlafly 2
Real Gloria Steinem
Real Betty Friedan
Real Shirley Chisholm
Gloria Steinem Betty Friedan Shirley Chisholm
Real Bella Abzug
Real Jill Ruckelshaus 2
Real Phyllis Schlafly protesting
Bella Abzug Jill Ruckelshaus More historic figures...

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